• What if something you were about to throw out could provide opportunity and healing for under-served and at-risk youth instead?
  • Want a simple way to make a difference?
  • What if you could contribute in a way that is eco-friendly, easy, and inspiring?

Mats for Good is a yoga mat drive to re-purpose your gently used yoga mats by placing them into the hands of underprivileged youth.

We represent a collective of teachers who are committed to offering an education to get out of poverty and overcome their victimization — to teach them that they are bigger than their circumstances.

We provide practical, useful, real-life results and solutions to Kids who would not otherwise have access to these resources. We aim to bring a light-hearted atmosphere of interactive learning to yoga, meditation, and education.

We reach Kids who are:

  • Pregnant
  • In juvenile detention
  • In homeless shelters
  • In rehabilitation
  • Victims of domestic violence and human trafficking
  • Suicidal
We teach these Kids:
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mindful living skills
  • Art therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Environmental/Permaculture practices
We empower these children to break the cycle of violence, neglect, and dependency on other people.